What Is The VISION?

On average, about 94% or Forex Traders quit.

I don't like that statistic, so I'm doing what I can to improve the chances of success for my peeps.

There are several factors to address, but the biggest is obviously "Not Making Enough Money"

Check out my 4 stage approach below.

Trading Together

 From my own experience trading, training and coaching It is clear to me that when people trade in a group, almost everyone does a lot better. I'd say between 2 and 3 times more profitable.

The Right Tools

A clear path moving forward with:

  • Training and Education
  • Consistent Strategies
  • Resources and Software

Healthy Traders Mindset

This mindset can be developed over several years of study and practice on your own. Or you can get a Mentor and cut it down to months.

Analyze Results

Tracking and reviewing your strategies and rules is crucial to finding consistent success. And weeding out harmful practices.

Knowledge Is Power

And Power In Forex Trading Means Consistently Profitable Trading

Over the years of trading and coaching I have learned 3 Solid Truths about the Forex Market

The Cost

As with anything of great potential value there is a cost. If you wanted to become a high paid doctor, it's clear what you must do to get there.

The same is true with Forex, I know many of people who are making a lot of money, but none of them got there quickly or cheaply.

Time, Experience, Education, Losses

The Challenge

There are many challenging elements of mastering the Forex Markets. Most people think it is finding the right strategy. Not true. True mastery comes from balancing Skills and strategies, with Mindset and Psychology, and wise money management. 

The Expectation

I meet people all the time who are learning Forex so they can replace their job. Yes it is possible and it does happen, but is es extremely rare to find someone who pulls it off successfully.

Forex Investing is just that, an investment opportunity. As you learned in the previous truth, building the right mindset is crucial and that involves not getting emotional about your trading. If you are trading to put food on the table or pay the rent, it is almost impossible to stay detached.


Intro To Forex Course

Are you brand new to Forex?

This course is intended to help the curious investor get a better look at what is involved in trading for the Forex.

Includes Meta Trader 4 tutorials

Forex Mastery Program


Are you a new or existing traders who wants to find success trading simple price action systems? The membership includes our comprehensive education and access to the live trading clubs and workshops.

Live Workshops

& Webinars

Never stop learning! Plug into our regularly scheduled live Workshops and  Webinars. Guests and members of the Mastery Program learn about new skills and tools to fine tune their ability to trade profitably.

Group Coaching Program

Are you looking for a little help with your trading? You can join me weekly with a small group of traders looking for improvement. We'll fine tune your strategies and look for ways to improve your entries and exits.

One-on-One Coaching Program

Are you looking for a lot of help? 

One-on-One coaching with myself or one of my certified coaches will help you nail down your strategies, fine tune your entries and exits, manage a profitable traders mindset and speed up success.

Inner Circle Elite Trading Mastermind Group

Reserved for students of my training and coaching programs who have dialed in their trading, mastered their mindset and are consistently profitable. We meet online weekly to share the very best trade setups, and win together.


I learned long ago the necessity to belong to a group of traders who understand similar strategies and tools. A group who regularly reviews the charts together searching for great trades. A strong community focused on helping each other succeed at becoming consistently profitable Forex traders.

I'm Always Building My Team

Your Name Here

Successful Trader

This is not a mistake, this is blank because I am always looking for my next success story student. Will it be you?

Jared Passey

Owner - Trader - Coach

Family man from Eastern Washington US, found the Forex market in 2001 and fell in love. I love helping others win!

Your Name Here

Profitable Forex Investor

Are you the next trader I invite into my Inner Circle Elite Trader Mastermind Group? I hope so!

"Jared Passey is a master at teaching successful trading strategies and developing the Forex traders mentality. 

I enrolled in the one-on-one coaching program where Jared taught me strategies, showed me his trades, reviewed my trades and helped me develop a trading plan.  More than just a skilled technician, Jared understands the psychological aspects of trading which can be the difference between rags or riches.

I love the weekly trading club meetings.  My best trading days are the day after club meetings.  I've had many days where I found my account up lots of pips after placing trades with the club.  It gives me fresh insight and helps keep my skills sharp."

Jeff Tormey

Atlanta Georgia

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be successful at Trading and Investing in the Forex market. We hope our programs will get you there. If after purchasing any of our training or coaching programs, you are not satisfied we will refund your most recent membership charge.

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