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Forex Coach Jared Passey
Dear Experienced Forex Trader,

Ever wonder if you're really cut out for Forex trading?
Ever thought about getting some Forex coaching?

Well the elite in almost any profession know that coaching and mentoring from someone that has not only been there, but also helped many others get there as well is the way to go. The definition of a mentor says it all; “someone whose hindsight can become your foresight”. How many Olympic hopefuls do you think attempt to get to the Olympics without a coach?.. Exactly! Investing is no different.

4X Coaching Benefits

  • Learn new strategies and ideas.
  • Learn and implement discipline in your trading.
  • Hold you accountable while you’re building good habits.
  • Someone to track and analyze your trades with.
  • Facilitate proper planning.
  • Minimize mistakes.
  • Develop a profitable Traders mindset.
  • Someone to run questions and ideas by.
  • Ongoing support.
The problem with the forex market is that it is so easy to open an account and make a trade, and it is not even that hard to place a winning trade, most people just use a little luck and take what they get. What's hard is placing winning trades consistently, and watching your account grow month after month. How many profitable months have you had in a row? If it's more than 3 then this probably isn’t for you, but since your reading this I'm guessing that that is exactly what you are looking for.

Now, Here's the GOOD News:

High quality coaching and mentoring is available and affordable. I've worked with hundreds of forex students over the past 5 years. I have learned what it takes to help someone find success and more importantly how to teach that to my students.

Twelve 1-Hour

I use what is called the "spaced learning" model. It is not enough to just be taught something, to truly learn in you must either teach it to someone else or apply it yourself, in this case to your trading. So I hold training and coaching sessions each week to introduce my students to new techniques and strategies, and they spend the week applying what they have been taught. Knowledge plus the application of that knowledge equals true learning.

At 60 minutes each, the coaching sessions are long enough to review your trades, fine tune your techniques, learn some new skills or strategies, study the markets for potential trades and get something new to apply for the following week. You'll never have to leave your home to attend. They are held online with webinar software that makes it possible to hear each other and see each others screen. Your coach will work with you to help you develop your personal trading style, hold you accountable for what you've decided to do and ultimately help you find your edge in the market.

Mark Ishii
From: Mark W.
Heber City

  "Jared has been a friend and colleague for over 3 years. He has a passion to share his mastery of the Forex market with anyone remotely interested. He is positive and uplifting to everyone he interacts with. I have learned and made money from many of Jared's trade strategies. From the "gator bounce" strategy, to the "barrier" trades, I have also made money from attending his weekly webinar classes. If you want to learn this market you will not find a better mentor/coach/friend. Take the chance to find that out for yourself."

Mark W.

Mark Ishii
From: Mark Ishii

  "Jared, you are an amazing trainer. You're the first financial trainer I have worked with that is more interested in my success than my money. I think this comes out best in your patience and willingness to work with us until we get it right. It's a real pleasure to work with you."

Mark Ishii

Ross Cheesman
From: Ross Cheesman, DMD
Retired Dentist

  "I am in constant awe and respect of the level of knowledge and discipline you have attained.... Your patient yet firm encouragement are always the push I need to continue with the currency trading that I do. I am encouraging several of my friends to join us at the weekly club meetings, which are very interesting, informative, and motivating.   "I have been trading a demo account for a while and just started with a live account several months ago. I must say that when ever I get a little discouraged, I always find logic in the discussions and feedback that are given on the weekly phone calls. It is worth every bit of the investment to be on the phone call and brought up to date for the week. The new strategies, review of the "tricks" that you relay to us and the validation from the callers is a great encouragement to me.   "My favorite policy is the journalizing of the trades. It always seems to help slow me down and to be more cautious in my trades and ultimately more dollars in my account. Thanks for your help and encouragement."

Ross Cheesman, DMD
You get twelve one-hour coaching sessions

OK, I admit... there’s a catch...

Forex Coaching isn’t for everyone. If you are fairly new to currency trading or are just looking to learn general information about Forex – then coaching may be a bit high-powered for you. You will probably learn too much too fast. I haven’t seen it that often but I just wanted to warn you.

Maybe Forex Training Is What You Need

The Forex training program is the fastest, most complete way to learn to trade the forex market guaranteed. Our spaced learning model in live online training sessions makes it possible to apply and retain what you need to learn to master the forex market. The live sessions and vault of trading resources gives you customized training and live in-the-market experience. Your consistent success is our ultimate goal.. Learn more about our Forex training at